First Stage: Build the Infrastructure (Ongoing)

In this initial phase, TH2ICINO is actively engaged in the construction of vital infrastructure. The centerpiece of this stage is the unveiling of a state-of-the-art 5MW electrolysis production plant. This facility marks a significant milestone in our commitment to showcasing cutting-edge technology. Moreover, hydrogen produced here will undergo compression on-site, preparing it for distribution to end-users, thereby establishing a seamless and efficient hydrogen supply chain.

Second Stage: Airport Use Cases (Not Started)

Moving forward, TH2ICINO envisions a second stage that focuses on Airport Use Cases. Although not yet initiated, this phase will involve a comprehensive study, modeling, and retrofitting of various use cases within the airport setting. This includes the adaptation of existing infrastructure to integrate hydrogen technology seamlessly. By exploring the potential applications of hydrogen within an airport environment, TH2ICINO aims to pave the way for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Third Stage: Demonstration Campaign (Not Started)

The third stage of TH2ICINO's demonstration is dedicated to the launch of a Demonstration Campaign. This future initiative involves the operation of the Hydrogen Valley and is complemented by rigorous monitoring and evaluation processes. As we advance into this stage, the focus will be on showcasing the practical applications of hydrogen technology, gathering valuable data, and refining our approach based on real-world feedback.

Fourth Stage: MPT Validation, Refinement, and Replication Studies (Not Started)

TH2ICINO will validate and refine the Master Planning Tool (MPT), ensuring its accuracy in guiding sustainable hydrogen infrastructure planning. Simultaneously, Replication Studies will be conducted, analyzing the project's replicability in diverse contexts within Italy and across Europe. Stay tuned as we progress through these stages.